Greetings from where science and literacy meet!

We bring literacy to science and scientifically-literate students to the world! This grassroots teacher organization is dedicated to helping all classrooms with relevant literacy supports for all learners.

The first Interactive Reading Passages provider.

Passages and their multimedia Waypoints bring students on thematic research journeys with real-world science! Perfect for middle and high school.


Relevant Literacy Supports

Developed by current practitioners, these easy-to-use resources seamlessly combine the use of technology to assign and implement a variety of supporting materials, including:

  • Concept & Artistic Representation Diagrams (CARDs)
  • Bilingual Vocabulary Image sets
  • Digital Journals

New! Versatile Lessons for Versatile Classrooms™

Strengthen and recall retention with easy-to-use RPA TREKs designed for durable learning. Our research-based Recall-Practice-Apply supplemental learning model supports 5th grade Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills. Cultivate reteaching success with interleaved practice, no matter the classroom. Learn more at

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