About Us

Where We’re Coming From
With over 25 years combined experience in developing revolutionary digital products, we are teachers helping teachers teach, no matter the classroom. We bring literacy to science and scientifically-literate citizens to the world. We bring science and literacy full circle with engaging literacy-rich materials and professional learning opportunities.

Where We’re Headed

Together with our network of teachers, we cultivate quality synchronous and asynchronous resources needed for effective online teaching. We promote and strengthen student engagement through professional learning by sharing best practices in student-centered lesson delivery and integration of literacy-rich materials. Our destination is every classroom, whether online or face-to-face.

We Help Teachers Teach, No Matter the Classroom

As STEMJourneys.org continues to produce easy-to-use literacy- and choice-rich materials for teachers and students, we are also meeting the demand to help our fellow teachers implement high-quality projects and lessons in the online arena.

What do teachers and students engaging in STEM-literate classrooms, face-to-face or online, look like?

    • Aligning projects to skills-building represented in 21st Century Skills and science/engineering practices in the NGSS.

Using Interactive Reading Passages and other products to promote literacy-rich engagement with integrated approaches to solve problems.

Collectively asking and inquiring answers on phenomenon with skills-building approaches in data interpretation and real-world applications.

Empowering peers with authentic performance assessments and discussion rubrics, many of which can be converted from existing lessons by empowered teachers.

(Secondary Teachers) Networking on how interactive teacher-assembled literacy products increases students engagement, particularly online.

Jess Rowell: Founder and President
Kim Cole: Vice President, Customer Relations
“Kersch”: Vice President, Technology Integration
Ryan Jeannet: Web Development

Introducing our Captain’s Courses Design Team Cheyenne Baird and Kelsey Hannum!

Alice Baudoin, Jerry Bory, Glo!, Vicky Cruz, Joyce Compton, Kira Feldmesser, Morgan Gallagher, Jonathan Hazlett, Christopher Hautman, Marge Hulburt, Sue Hutchison, Truc Huynh, Brady Lee, Jerry Lee, Liz McMillan, Gregg Mason, Casey Nolan, Steven O’Neill, Lloyd Richards Jr., Jason Stone, Emily Vercoe, Paul Widsten, Leslie Winfield, Adele Zito