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Hello and welcome to your Passages and Waypoints.

Using your Passage’s Interactive PDF, experience each multimedia Waypoint and answer each set of questions under the Passage you’ve been assigned.

Passages and Waypoints Will Guide You

Interested in Researching Biodiversity?

For middle school life science students!

Help Dorian and Jose research primates and birds while exploring biodiversity in the tropical rain forests of Central America!

Interested in Researching Biomedicine?

For high school students in life science and Biology!

Help Pedro and Hannah solve real-world problems in biomedicine, including injury research and cancer genetics!

Interested in Researching Climate?

For middle school Earth science students!

Go on a journey to help Dr. Nick answer questions about streams in Yellowstone National Park and explore climate with the United States National Parks!

Interested in Researching Dolphins?

For high school students in life science and Biology!

Go on a journey to experience dolphin research and the effects of tourism in Belize’s Barrier Reef.


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