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How to Create Choice-Based Lessons with Google Forms

BEST SELLER since featured on the Teaching Online Network (TON)! This revolutionary approach to giving asynchronous lessons filled with engagement, relevance, and autonomy is used by thousands of teachers who want to make remote teaching meaningful. Useful in any topic, this step-by-step guide with videos will show you have to make chapters and subchapters using free Google Forms. Customized training also available, please email

Grade: N/A
Focus: All Topics
Language: English, available in Spanish by special order


Great for differentiation! Not all remote instruction is awful. In fact, many students have flourished with the new autonomy in their learning. Why not make lessons choice-based, interesting, interactive, and best of all, reusable? Filled with opportunities for student engagement and choice, this manual will help you help hundreds of students, no matter the topic.


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