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Our purpose is to bring literacy to science and scientifically-literate citizens to the world.

We do this by bringing reading and relevance to STEM education with literacy- and choice-rich materials and best practices to any classroom, online or face-to-face.

We are a group of passionate educators with over 25 years experience providing revolutionary online materials for science and STEM classrooms around the world, and the first providers of Interactive Reading Passages, multimedia Waypoints, Choice-Based Lessons using Google Forms, How to Teach STEM Online webinars by demand and more!


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Not only do we provide high quality, easy-to-use, materials to all students, we use them ourselves. From Interactive Reading Passages and multimedia Waypoints to Bilingual Vocabulary Image sets, our literacy- and choice-rich materials are proven to help teachers bring relevance to STEM, no matter the classroom. Don’t miss our NEW Teaching Online Network and How to Teach STEM Online Trainings.

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Join us and bring STEM to all students with our international STEM education consulting services, custom-built CSR materials, and specialized training for your educators.

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