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Our Purpose

Integrating science with literacy-rich practices and materials is essential for building skills in scientific-literacy, including data and graphing interpretation in real-world scientific investigations. That’s why we created NGSS aligned Interactive Reading Passages™ and their complementary Waypoints™. Blending the best of interactive content, multimedia formative assessments, and the real scientists in investigations, each Passage brings students along a thematic research journey. Learn more about each Passage.

As current practitioners, we understand the need for literacy-rich materials to help all learners and our emergent multilingual learning students. That’s why we created Bilingual Vocabulary Image sets and Concept Artistic & Representation Diagrams (CARDs) to seamlessly bring dense academic terms and concepts to life for students.

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Our Team

With over 60 years experience representing our team, we are teachers who network, write, develop, and implement our resources. In a world of constantly changing technology and demands, it helps keeping our practice rooted in the classroom, no matter the format.

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Our Projects

Join us and bring STEM to all students with our international STEM education consulting services, custom-built corporate social responsibility materials (CSR), and other specialized training for your educators.

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NEW! Researching Biodiversity, a journey helping Dorian and Jose research the habitats of tropical rainforests in Central America, is available for middle school students now!


In addition to our various literacy supports and training for building interactive materials, we are pleased to introduce RPA TREKs and versatile lessons for Versatile Classrooms™. Learn more at

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